Friday, April 02, 2010

Balloon Buffoon

I posted the thumbnails to this assignment a while back. I just hadn't gotten around to uploading the full size boards. Some of these boards are still really rough. This is in part due to overlapping homework assignments as well as the clarification from our class that pointed out this assignment was about storytelling and flow rather than clean ups. So I ended up not doing cleanups after I think 5 boards. I made a few adjustments from thumbs to boards to help screen flow.

There's also a dire lack of sound effects added into certain boards. I hadn't gotten around to filling that stuff in. Maybe after the class is ended I'll go back to these boards and finish clean up and adding all the bells and whistles (literally), until then this is strictly an escalating sight gag to sit back and enjoy.

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I thought this was pretty great , I maybe would push the robbers expression a tad bit more when he sees the balloon instead if his money bag though, but I thought it was pretty spectacular, and I love the curve-linear tracking shot, very brilliant.