Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here's a random thing I came by today. I had come across some Brian Stelfreeze art the other day and I wanted to look at more of his recent stuff since I hadn't heard about him in years. So I check out Comicartcommunity.com to see if he has a gallery. Voila he does and what do I find there, some hilarity in accidental 'tracing' done I'm guessing on my part.

I KNOW Stelfreeze doesn't know who the hell I am and I had never seen his piece before today so I thought it was just a funny quirk of the cosmos at how similar our two pieces were.

His from a series called Gun Candy (makes sense with the items in his piece) and mine was a piece called 'Happy Holidays All' featuring Lara Croft as a holiday post on my Deviantart Gallery this past Xmas.

Weirdness and hilarity in the world.

Marvel Masterpiece Cards

Huge file! Sorry.

Anyhow, here's my cards for the Marvel Masterpiece sketch card set. Honestly, I really didn't get my groove until about the 2nd half of cards. Serves me right for not drawing on paper for a long long time. Anyhow, this was a lot of fun.

Black Cat, Scarlet Witch, Gertrude/Arsenic
Storm, Gwen Stacy, She-Hulk
Rogue, Mystique, Emma Frost
Tigra, Nico Minoru, Black Widow (had to do at least one card in that style)
Tempest, Thor Girl, Titania
Turbo, Thundra, Tarantula
Iron Man, X-23, Puck
Daredevil, Cyclops, Colossus
Dr Strange, Spidey, Vulture
Nick Fury, Beast, J.Jonah Jameson
Sabertooth, Namor, Red Hulk
US Agent, Captain America, Rhino
Gambit, Magneto, Thing
Chamber, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing
Iron Fist, Dagger, Cloak
Dirk Anger, The Captain, Deadpool
The Spot, Abomination

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stray Cat Strut

So I'm not an animator by definition. I do animation at my work which tend to be fairly simplified flash animations. But still they take forever to do because I A)Never went to school for animation like...at all. and B)I'm still learning flash every day of work.

So out of a need to self-improve I've been monkeying with animation on my own time trying to see how much I can do without any training in animation.

Here's my first major outing which is still in a very rough draft. This may turn into a lot more depending on how enthused I am once cleanup is done on this scene. I may possibly extend this into several scenes strung together in what some could call a short film or what I'll call brain vomit.

Anyhow, here's my favorite lil minx, Catwoman doing what she does.


the file is kinda on the huge side...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nother Commission

The client's original character whom I believe was a dancer turned magically into a marionnette.

Commission - Fathom

Never drew this gal before. Aspen Matthews from Fathom. I apologize for the watermark, but since commissions are obviously paid for, I only allow the owner to have a printable version.