Friday, October 05, 2007

The Turtle Fairy

A lunchtime sketch today at work.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bionic Woman

Non-Art post here tonight...About the new Bionic Woman series.

I was iffy at the pilot feeling like people were getting their legs under them with their characters...but by tonight the 2nd/3rd episode(I will explain) still no life in this puppy at all.

Honestly, you have a severely traumatized character who can't even manage to show a single emotion without having some sort of Keanu reaction to it. Old school Keanu, not new school emo Keanu.

"I'm sad so I shall wallow and talk to myself...but rather than having it be introspective and deep I shall talk monotone as though I'm having a conversation about my latest bank statement."

"I'm happy. I will show all my teeth and act like 200 people didn't just die ten minutes ago."

"I'm angry so I shall grunt and bounce around."

Seriously. I had initially thought it was because the lead actress is british. Or seemed to be in early preview work and was just struggling with an American Accent. Nope. She actually sucks at acting. And when you surround her with a much better cast she just looks that much worse.

Layer on top of that the usual tripe that gets thrown in and guess what you have here...Jake 2.0 but not done nearly as well.

So about the episode numbering. You've had ONE episode air and the 2nd episode doesn't get's completely pulled from your roster and replaced with the third episode. Wait...what's that? That back there...OH that's the shark you just jumped way off on the horizon. Cuuuuuz at the end of episode 1 her boyfriend is still clinging to life. Episode 2/3...dead buried gone. He was TALKING on the gurney before. Oy. AND Episode 1 "I hate you, stay away from me or I'll kill everyone who send for me." Episode 2/3 "Heeeey...can I work for you?"

I do hope they take this proverbial Old Yellar out behind the barn and put a bullet in it. It seems like they realized that they had a crap show on their hands and all they could do with it is throw in actors that resident geeks(myself included) will recognize and squeal over from BSG and Firefly. Too bad that no matter how awesome that is, it's not enough to save this.

BLAM! Good night Old Yellar.